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Knjige založbe Aktivni mediji

In 2015, Aktivni mediji publishing house has expanded from three magazines to books as well. We are in contact with several Slovenian authors in order to publish their works, but also search for bestsellers that we can translate in Slovenian language.
Despite having a small population of 2 million, Slovenia is a lively book market; in 2013 more than 3661 books have been published. Furthermore, a major research in 2014 has revealed that 58 % of Slovenians consider themselves regular readers. Our main theme remains sports – biographies, stories about cycling, running and outdoors in general. In addition to these we are searching for quality books on social phenomena, modern time challenges, medicine, nutrition and personal growth psychology.

First book that we published was the Franc Hvastija biography, The Two Hours of Truth, featuring one of the most influential people of Slovenian road racing. It covers several decades of less know stories that left significant mark on cycling.

First translated book is Lanterne Rouge: The Last Man in the Tour de France by Max Leonard. Lanterne rouge or red lantern is namely the name of the last placed rider in Tour de France and this accolade is one of the most unusual in the history of cycling. The book focuses on the most famous losers of this epic race.

Our vision in publishing quality, fresh, interested, engaged and attractive books that readers would keep on their shelves even after reading them once, twice, three times …