Special editions

Special issue – Manual: How to Choose a Road Bike

The choice of a road bike is a very important and demanding task. In order to facilitate our readers their first steps into the world of road cycling we are issuing a special 100-page edition in year 2015.
The manual tries to advise how to choose the proper size, price range and components of the bike, clothing and equipment. In addition to that, we explain the basic principles of training with a detailed training plan, offer off-bike exercises and reveal the technique of riding in a group and how to act as a member of traffic.
Last part covers bike maintenance and basic reparations that everyone can do.


Special issue: Manual: ABC of Running

ABCteka (“running alphabet”) is a special booklet firstly issued in 2013 and after huge success an updated version vas re-issued in 2014.
Manual guides reader through basic principles of exercise regimen, correct running techniques, how to avoid injuries and choosing right shoes and running gear for all seasons.

Manual itself has four main sub-sections: Gear, Nutrition, Exercise and Health & Prevention.
These are four areas every runner should pay attention to if they want to start healthy and active lifestyle.


Special edition – Manual: ABC of Marathon Running

After a hugely successful edition of ABC of Running manual we are issuing a manual in 2015 that focuses on preparation for one’s first half- or full marathon. ABC of Running already gave all the pertinent information to the beginners on proper technique, healthy nutrition, supporting exercises and injury prevention. It has also paved their way to their first amateur race.
The new manual takes the runners one step further and improves their technique, introduces them to more detailed training programmes, and explains the importance of supplements, regeneration and equipment that all contribute to achieving one’s goals faster and safer. The manual is intended for runners that are already able to run for 10 km and want to run a half- or full marathon.