Magazine and Website Tekac.si

The Tekac.si (»runner.you«) magazine and web page cover all forms of running and follow recreational, health and supplement topics that may be of interest to the active population. Besides road-, trail-, orienteering- and mountain-running other activities also receive our attention since running is often a preparatory sport for several other disciplines and is becoming more and more a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Web page features reports from competitions, announces major events and offers up-to-date articles and advices on exercise and nutrition. These topics attract more and more visitors that run only occasionally but are interested in healthy nutrition and lifestyle. We pay big attention to presentation of running shoes, sports clothing and exercise equipment.

The first pages of bi-monthly Tekac.si magazine are dedicated to new equipment and tests; there are also articles on current runner’s trends or seasonal activities. The second part presents interviews with renowned runners, experts and famous personalities in whose lives running left its mark. In the last part we offer relaxed reports from running events and adventures. Advises on sports nutrition, additional exercises and preparation of healthy meals or post-workout snacks are always included.

Tekac.si magazine and web page target an active population that runs occasionally or regularly, for whatever reason it may be. These range from weight loss and feeling well to participating in a marathon run, improving one’s personal best or preventing an injury. Advertising here enables you to reach target population of athletes that spend a lot of time and money on sports and healthy living.

Tekac.si, printed magazine

  • Circulation: 5.000 – bi-monthly, 6 issues yearly
  • Distribution: Ekdis (news-stands, gas stations, shopping malls and post offices) and subscribers
  • Readers: 32 % male, 68 % female
  • Target group: active population older than 18 years
  • Releases: 26. 1., 23. 3., 25. 5. , 27. 7., 24. 9. in 22. 11. 2017

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