Web Sites for Active

naprostem.si, tekac.si and bicikel.com

Web sites Bicikel.com, Tekac.si and NaProstem.si with their according social networks represent most popular sports activities in Slovenia: hiking, running and cycling. More than 100.000 singular visitors come to these pages, looking for information on healthy lifestyle and suggestions how to actively spend their spare time. They search for tourist destinations, information about the events and accommodations, and suggestions for tours. They are interested in healthy nutrition, equipment tests and expert opinion about it.

Reach the target population living a healthy lifestyle and doing different sports in their spare time. We enable you a targeted advertising that can be adapted to your products according to the sports art, age group and sex.

Bicikel.com, Tekac.si, NaProstem.si network

Web pages with contents and subpages that range high in search engines are connecting with a strong social network which is based on giving up-to-date and quality contents and notifications, directed precisely at the target group. Therefore at Facebook almost nobody unfollows the posts and only 0,15 % of users hide notifications from Bicikel.com, Tekac.si and NaProstem.si web pages.

Advantages of advertising at Bicikel.com, Tekac.si, NaProstem.si

  • Your ads can reach precise target group: active population older than 18 years
  • You can target how to promote your products or services
  • Huge variety of contents, active forums
  • Strong social networks with loyal followers
  • Both sexes represented equally
  • Visitors stay at the pages longer and re-visit them regularly
  • Possibility of targeting specific groups
  • We can adapt to your wishes
  • Affordable package deals